Review Guide/Policy

A Quick Guide to The Everyday Reader Reviews

1 Star: Did not finish, or as is more likely for me, did finish but regretted every minute of it. Would not recommend.

2 Stars: This one needs major changes for me to find much love for it. It may have had its good points, but I'm unlikely to recommend it.

3 Stars: I liked it, but that's it. I'd probably only recommend to someone who I know would love it.

4 Stars: Really enjoyed it. An enjoyable, fun and interesting read that I would easily recommend

5 Stars: Loved it, a new favourite. Likely to be added to my physical bookshelf to be re-read over and over again.

Please note that my reading is eclectic and different genres are judged by different standards. It is impossible to judge a high academic work by the same standards as a regency romance or YA dystopia and this is taken into account when I review. Star ratings are awarded on overall enjoyment, whatever the genre.

Review Policy

I do accept review copies of books. I recieve no other form of compensation besides access to the book for review purposes and all opinions are my own. Posts that feature a book I have recieved a copy of to review are clearly marked.

Review titles are accepted at my own discretion and acceptance of a review copy does not guarantee a review. I do not guarantee a timeline for review, although endeavour to publish a review within two weeks either side of publication date for an advanced copy, and in a generally timely manner for already published works.

At this time I accept review copies in print or for kindle. I may accept other digital copies on a case by case basis. At this point in time, I DO accept self-published titles for review, but at my own discretion.

Genres I am likely to review: historical fiction, dystopia, cozy mystery, literary fiction, non-fiction (especially history, travel, sociology, anthropology, craft and hobby)

Genres I sometimes review: science fiction, fantasy, memoir, romance, woman's fiction, Christian fiction and non-fiction

Genres I do not read and am EXTREMELY unlikely to review: thriller, horror, high/epic fantasy, vampire/paranormal fiction

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