Hi!! I'm Sarah :-)

I read everything and anything. Literally. Newspapers, books, comics, fiction, non-fiction, classics, contemps, road signs, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, memoirs . . . if it has words, I'll read it and it's been that way for a long time.

I tend to use to many brackets (and semi-colons); feel free to pull me up on it. (see what I did there).

I began this blog as a requirement for a paper in my Library and Information studies diploma (I already have an undergrad degree in history, sociology and anthropology) and found I quite enjoy spouting on about books and book related things, so I'm still here.

In real life I'm a New Zealand farm girl who married a man of the world and found myself living in the middle of the UK.

I have a deathly fear of showing my face on the interwebs, so you get the back of my head.

In my spare time I read, do many crafty things and occasionally ride my unicycle.

Find my what-I-do-in-my-spare-time craft blog here.

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  1. Hi, love your blog. I'm giving you a Liebster award. For details please visit my blog (or google it, like I had to) either way keep on blogging :)