Sunday, March 1, 2015

So, how much did I spend on books in: February

My spending series continues! You can find January's installment here. Unfortunately I can tell you now that my wallet is not going to be thanking me as much in February as it did last month. On the upside, most of these were accumulated because I got to attend some fantastic author events.

Physical Books Acquired

City of Ghosts, by Bali Rai: £7.99 from Waterstones, picked up during an author event
Earth Girl, by Janet Edwards: £5.50 (including shipping) from Serenity Bookshop via Amazon Marketplace, but covered by gift card so £0.00
The Elites, by Natasha Ngan: £6.99 from Waterstones, picked up during an author event
Pea's Book of Best Friends, by Susie Day: £3.68 (including shipping) from Sten Books and Toys via Amazon Marketplace 
Murder Most Unladylike, by Robin Stevens: £3.50 from Waterstones (buy one get one half price)
Arsenic for Tea, by Robin Stevens: £3.50 from Waterstones (buy one get one half price)

E-Books Acquired

Neanderthal Seeks Human, by Penny Reid: Freebie
A Bride for Keeps, by Melissa Jagears: £0.96 (on sale), but covered by gift card
With Every Letter, by Sarah Sundin: Freebie
The 4 Seasons of Marriage, by Gary Chapman: Freebie
Mary Barton, by Elizabeth Gaskell: Freebie

Total Book Money in February: £25.66
Total Book Money in 2015: £25.66

Just like January was an unusually low spend month for books, I feel like February was an unusually high spend month. But, every physical book I purchased in Feb has been signed by the author, and considering I went to one author event that featured 35! authors, I feel like I've been rather restrained. 

How does my spending feel to you? To much on books? Less than you would have thought (or less than you spent!). Lets discuss! 

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  1. I think the spending is pretty good! That's not bad at all. I think that you shouldn't feel like you have to deprive yourself of these little pleasures in life. 25.66 is a pretty good price! Also, who could resist author events?