Friday, February 6, 2015

So, how much did I spend on books in: January

I don't spend a lot of money on books. I make use of my library. My brother and I have a standing agreement where he gives me an Amazon gift card for my birthday, which gets used exclusively on Kindle books and pretty much covers me for the year. Etc. But still, I'm interested to know how much I really am spending on books exactly. So, for the sake of my own curiosity I'm going to keep a running tally this year on the books added to my shelves and how much I spent on them. And since this is a book blog I'm running after all, I thought I'd share my tally with you.

So here goes January!

Physical Books Acquired

 A Year in 120 Recipes, by Jack Monroe: Birthday gift
The Chimes, by Anna Smaill: ARC
Twenty to Make: Mini Cross Stitch, by Michael Powell: £4.99 from Waterstones, but used a Bonus Bond voucher we got with our power company reward points.

E-Books Acquired

A Little Something Different, by Sandy Hall: £1.03 (on sale), but covered by birthday gift card
Twelve Year A Slave, by Solomon Northup: Freebie

Total Book Money in January: £0.00

This feels like a great start! I literally spent no money last month, while acquiring five books for my shelves. However I also feels like it's probably not representative of where I would normally be at. It was my birthday in January. I also received a WHOLE lot of books for Christmas, and picked up even more in the Kindle New Year Sale when it started on Boxing Day. Which on the whole meant my box buying tendancies were put off by an already massive new pile. I'm kinda already looking forward to seeing how this ends up comparing to next month. . . .

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  1. That is a great pile! I'm afraid I spent more than that this January. Oh well. February will be the month of thrifty reading!