Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A belated 2014 review

So, even though I'm well behind everyone else, I thought it was time to pull together some brief 2014 stats.

Some Basics

  • 104 books read (134 in 2013)
  • 32,561 pages (42,329 in 2013)
Even though this is a significant decrease on last year, I'm still more than happy. In 2014 I finished post-graduate study, started a new job, moved house and went through several other adjustments in my life. I'm genuinely surprised that I hit 100 books this year.

Longest book: Catastrophe: Europe Goes to War 1914, by Max Hastings (672 pages)

Shortest book: Burning Girls, by Veronica Schanoes (32 pages)

By Category/Genre

Adult Fiction: 35

Non-fiction: 19

Classic fiction: 13

YA fiction: 27

Children's fiction: 5

Other (graphic novels, etc): 5

I'm a little surprised by this, as from my memory of the year YA made up a bigger proportion of my reading. Though this could be because a large proportion of my Adult reading in 2014 was 'genre' fiction (romance, fantasy/sci-fi, Christian). With a more settled life (hopefully) in 2015 I'm going to be trying to get some more non-fiction and literary fiction in the rotation. . .  without giving up genre and YA of course. The pitfalls of being an eclectic reader. . .. struggling to fit everything in and get and even balance.


Some Runners-Up

Back soon with some resolutions and plans for my reading this year.

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