Monday, December 22, 2014

Back to the Classics 2014 Wrap Up

This year was my first year participating in the Back to the Classics Challenge, host by Karen at Books and Chocolate. I decided to not be to hard on myself and aim for all of the required categories, plus three optional ones. Surprisingly, I exceeded all of my expectations this year and filled in every single category!! This means I get 3 entries in the prize draw. My books were:


1. A 20th Century Classic: Daddy-Long-Legs, finished 02/02/14 - Review
2. A 19th Century Classic: Three Men in a Boat, finished 18/06/14 - Review
3. A Classic by a Woman Author: Jane Eyre, finished 15/03/14 - Review
4. A Classic in Translation: The Canterbury Tales, finished 03/07/14 - Review
5. A Classic about War: The Enormous Room, finished 13/04/14 - Review
6. A Classic by a New to me Author: Life at Blandings, finished 13/05/14 - Review


1. An American Classic: The Great Gatsby, finished 24/09/14  - Review
2. A Classic mystery, suspense or thriller: A Study in Scarlet, finished 18/11/14 - Review
3. A Historical Fiction classic: The Hunchback of Notre Dame, finished 21/12/14 - Review
4. A Classic that's been adapted into a Movie or TV series: Anne of Green Gables, finished 02/01/14 - Review
5. Write a review of the adaptation from category 4: TV mini-series of Anne of Green Gables  - review

I thoroughly enjoyed the Back to the Classics Challenge this year. It helped me keep on track with my Classics Club list, encouraged me to generally do more Classic reading and meant I read some great books. All of my picks this year were first time reads and I enjoyed nearly all of them! The Enormous Room was the only stinker in my opinion. I absolutely loved Daddy Long Legs, Anne of Green Gables, Life at Blandings and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Here's to even more Classics next year!

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