Sunday, September 21, 2014

Kindle Freebie Haul #2

I've talked before about how I love 'the best kind of book shopping spree' AKA a free one. Finding great freebies for Kindle is a fun waste of 10 minutes when I happen to have it, and I check a couple of freebie sites every couple of days. So, I've decided to showcase my hauls as a semi-regular (because they don't happen regularly) feature here on The Everyday Reader.

This was a result of checking the Amazon Free Bestseller list late on Thursday night and finding a heap of big name authors with freebies up, which has only happened once to me before! So for all those out there who say freebies are just self-published muck. . . . all of the below are traditionally published, except one (can you guess which?).

1 comment:

  1. I've just gone and bought all of these books simply because they're free. I never knew you could find such amazing books free in the kindle store. Thanks for the tip off, I'll know to regularly keep my eyes open for some awesome freebies.