Thursday, July 17, 2014

Reading what you have

Near the start of this month I had a sudden realisation about the sheer number of books I have 'bought' this year and haven't read yet, the ones sitting on my kindle especially.

(I say bought because they've cost me no money - I have several specific family members that recognise keeping me in books is always an ideal present, so ply me with Amazon giftcards for Christmas and my birthday. And I try to use the giftcards only on books, because it's nice to use the gift how it was intended, especially as surprisingly few people I'm close too seem to realise how much books make me happy).

Here's a selection from those sitting on my kindle or on my shelf:

These are all great sounding books! There's quite a few more where that came from too. So I've been making a more conscious effort to 'read what I have.' Not a book buying ban as such, but for the moment I've stopped visiting the library or actively seeking new titles (beyond challenge reads). I think the library is what got me into this problem! One advantage of moving to a country with a much larger population is that my local library can justify catering for a wider audience, which means sudden access to so many TBR titles that were just difficult to get hold of from little old NZ. It was so wonderful to be able to walk into my local library and have books sitting there on the shelves that have been on my radar for literally years!

For now though, I'm being good. I've already knocked a couple off from my shelf this month.

Have you ever had to make a conscious effort to read what you have? 


  1. I have thought about it! I have many books on my shelf that I haven't read, plus more that I would like to reread, yet I'm always pulled by the lure of the new and different. I'll be interested to know how your effort goes.

    1. It's never really been a problem for me until I got a kindle. I hate having unread books on my shelves, but I think having an ereader has meant out of sight, out of mind!