Friday, March 14, 2014

Ahhhhhhhh. . . Bookshelves

Some of your may remember that in November hubby and I upped and made the move to the UK from New Zealand (I'm from New Zealand originally, my husband is British, but has spent most of his life in France and South America). The move would mean more opportunities to travel, which we both love, and better work opportunities.

It was a big and stressful move, but we're now starting to feel more settled into our UK lifestyle. Husband (an engineer) is enjoying a job which has more regular hours than his job in NZ and makes use of his language skills. I've been setting up our home, dealing with tradesmen and applying for jobs. In the last month, our stuff from New Zealand arrived after a long haul by ship. Which meant there is finally a bookcase in the house!!!! Is it just me, or does having your books on display just make it feel more like home? 

This bookcase came all the way from New Zealand - it's solid hardwood and my parents had it custom made for me in my teens. It's now in pride of place in the spare room. (this is by no means all our books by the way. Several shelves here are double stacked. Both husband and I tend to keep stacks in every room of the house and there are still several boxes that will eventually go in the lounge once we are better set up)

The spare room is mostly still unfurnished, but I've caught myself in there several times just staring at the bookcase in delight.

It's nice to have a home feeling like a home again!


  1. Books do make a house homely, don't they, and your shelves look lovely. When we moved last year, the books were one of the first things to be unpacked!

  2. Lovely! I wish I can have more bookshelves, but there's literally no room in my room for that anymore.