Saturday, January 4, 2014

Classics Club Readathon

I'm joining in for the first time with the Classics Club Readathon. I'd hoped to be able to sit down all day and read in peace, but alas it hasn't worked out that way! Yesterday I got hit with a dreadful lurgy and have spent most of my day (when not busy doing essential)s thinking that I would rather just be in bed asleep (or at the very least be in bed not sneezing).

Anyways, here's my rather late kick-off, which I'll return to and update when I can!

  1. Name and Blog:  I’m Sarah of The Everyday Reader
  2. Snacks and Beverages of Choice: Tea and lots more tea! Maybe some lemsip to help with the sneezing. Crackers :-D
  3. Where are you reading from today? Warwickshire, UK.
  4. What are your goals for the Readathon?:  I'm hoping to knock off my first ever reading of Anne of Green Gables. Anything beyond that will be a bonus as far as I'm concerned!
  5. What book(s) are you planning on reading?:  Anne of Green Gables, by L.M Montgomery. If I finish that I plan to either move straight on to Anne of Avonlea or maybe dive into Jane Eyre.
  6. Are you excited?: Yes!!! I feel like I would be more excited if I wasn't sick, but to be honest, who doesn't love an excuse to read more :-) 
Book 1: Anne of Green Gables
Starting point: 42% on my kindle
Finished at: 100%

Book 2: Anne of Avonlea
Starting point: 0%
Current progress: 70%

I'm calling it a day at that. I'm actually extremely happy with how much I read, considering that I'm still sniffling far to much. One book done, one almost done! See you all next year :-) 

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