Thursday, January 9, 2014

Back to the Classics 2014

This year I'm adding another reading challenge into the mix, Back to the Classics (hosted by Books and Chocolate). I figure it will help me through my Classics Club list. The challenge is made up of both required and optional categories. I'll be aiming to complete the required categories and at least 3 optional ones. Full guidelines can be seen here. The required categories are:

1. A 20th Century Classic
2. A 19th Century Classic
3. A Classic by a Woman Author
4. A Classic in Translation
5. A Classic about War
6. A Classic by a New to me Author

I'm playing chicken and not committing specific books to each category, though I'd love to tackle All Quiet on the Western Front for the War classic.

The optional categories:

1. An American Classic
2. A Classic mystery, suspense or thriller
3. A Historical Fiction classic
4. A Classic that's been adapted into a Movie or TV series
5. Write a review of the adaptation from category 4

Again, not committing myself to specific books yet. We'll just see how we go! Ongoing update will have there own tab under my header. Good luck everyone :-)

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