Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Big Move A.K.A Why things have been a little quiet around here

Things have been quiet around both of my blogs of late. That has partly been because it's been winding into the end of the semester and balancing work-work and school-work has gotten harder (though I actually sat my final exam today, so that's over until Feb). BUT it's mainly due to something else. . .  the husband and I are moving. . .  from here. . . to here

My husband has a new job, based in the European division of a multinational . .  his office is in the UK. At the moment my house is full of freight boxes and in less than three weeks we're leaving little old NZ. This means. . . . EXCITING BOOK THINGS. . .  I'm looking forward to living in a country where a new release costs less than $50, Amazon will ship overnight to my door (for free) and bookstore selection is more than 'the top ten things by the top ten most popular authors.'

In the mean time, hopefully now that study is over for the semester and the logistical side of the move is falling into place I can find the time to actually write about some books.  . .

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