Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Words/Topics that turn you off Books


Time for Top Ten Tuesday again over at The Broke and the Bookish. This week is the reverse of one we did not long ago, instead of words that make you pick up a book, it's words that turn you off them. Here's mine . . .

  1. Gore:  I have no problem with blood and guts in real life. But something about graphic descriptions of blood and guts just makes me feel all ick. No thank you!

  2. Horror: See above, because really it's the same reason. I can sometimes wade through psychological horror, but even that is for the most part just bla.

  3. Vampires: I'm not 100% sure why I find vampires so off-putting, maybe it's just extended Twilight avoidance, but I have no desire to pick up a vampire novel anytime soon

  4. Unputdownable/tour-de force/groundbreaking etc: This irritates me especially in debut authors, and especially when it's just emblazoned on the cover without any other explanation. So often books like this just aren't as unputdownable/groundbreaking as they claim.

  5. America: This certainly isn't true of all books/authors, or even most, but sometimes I look at a book, see that it's American or about America and just put it down again, because it's written as if the rest of the world doesn't exist. This is especially true of books like cookbooks. Please someone tell me why you are trying to sell this book in the rest of the world when it constantly refers to products not available outside of the USA . . . 

  6. Western: the genre just doesn't appeal to me. . . maybe it's a girl thing.

  7. The Next. . . : No author should be 'the next'. No book should be 'the next' either. A good book and good author should be able to stand up on their own.

  8. Other planets: I actually quite enjoy sci-fi, just not the type that's set a million years in the future where earth no longer exists and they're talking about random other planets. I guess I'm just more speculative than Star-Wars

  9. Experimental: So often the label 'experimental fiction' is just used to excuse a hot mess.

  10. Paranormal: See 3/6. What can I say, it just doesn't appeal.


What words/topics turn you off in a book? I'd love to know, link me to your list :)


  1. Most books which put words such as 'unputdownable/groundbreaking' only raises our empty high hopes for them.... In the end we'll be mostly disappointed because the book isn't that groundbreaking at all :\

    I don't like reading gore/horror too. I read for fun, not to be intimidated :))

  2. I'm not a big fan of horror either! Fabulous list. I didn't think to include Western!

  3. I'm so-so on horror. I like all the EAP re-tellings(:
    Happy reading


  4. I don't like reading books that take place on other planets either. I tried, but I can never get into it. :/

  5. I loved Dune. No other 'other planet' story has since lived up to that. I did love the Firefly series though :)

  6. Because I live in America (I'm an ex-pat Brit), I have no problem with books set in America written by Americans. What does irritate me is when American authors try to write English characters and do it badly ("Oh, that's jolly good!" Cedric cried out, waving his bowler hat...).

    And no, it's not just a girl thing: westerns don't appeal to me either. :)

  7. Western books don't really appeal to me either. And I'm a girl too. :P
    Great list! :D

    My TTT