Thursday, June 6, 2013

Non-fiction Review: Stacie Bakes

Since reaching the finals in Masterchef in 2010, Stacie Stewart has launched her Beehive Bakery to critical acclaim. Her bakes and cakes have proved enormously popular at festivals and events around the country. This book includes all of Stacie’s most well-loved recipes, from Beehive bars to Cheesecake brownies.

Stacie Bakes

Stewart, Stacie. (2013)

[Genre: Baking]

Thanks to Anova Books for providing a review copy of this title. All thoughts are my own.

I love baking books, I really do. But this one was a little problematic for me. There are certain things I look for in a baking book (or any cook book). One of them is LOTS of photos. Because one of the best parts of baking books is drooling over the photos of yummy baked goods and deciding what to make myself. It's what makes them skim-worthy. The only ones that get away with not having loads of pictures are the old classics, from the era when cookbooks had no pictures at all, where you know that every recipe is going to do what it says on the tin. Stacie Bakes isn't one of those cookbooks. It's unproved, so I need great photos to convince me that I WANT to make these recipes. Stacie Bakes has perhaps one photo for every 5 recipes. The photos that are included are almost all from the same angle (above) and don't show off the food to its best - often, the photos aren't even of the food, they're of the author walking her dog, or posing on a scooter.

The recipes themselves? They seemed ok. But to be honest. . . it has been done before. There was nothing new. I felt like every single recipe I could have found somewhere else. If it's an attractive enough package overall, I'd happily still (and occasionally do) buy a baking book that has classic recipes, because I just love looking at them. Unfortunately, here the package just wasn't quite bright enough to make up for the boredom.

One for diehard Stacie Stewart fans only. 2 stars.


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