Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fiction Review: Knit One, Kill Two

Kelly Flynn never picked up a pair of knitting needles she liked—until she strolled into House of Lambspun. Now, in the first in a brand-new series, she learns how to knit one, purl two, and untangle the mystery behind her aunt's murder.

Knit One, Kill Two

Sefton, Maggie. (2005)

[Genre: Cozy Mystery]

This one has been in the to-read pile for YEARS and was one of my picks for this years TBR Challenge. I have a thing for craft-based fiction. It's fun seeing my real life hobbies cross into novels, though some authors do it better than others.

There was lots of potential in Knit One, Kill Two. The heroine had just enough unique traits to make her stand out from the crowd in the cozy mystery genre (how many of them are accountants?). The setting in small town Colorado was authentic sounding and richly described, especially the cottage that Kelly inherits from her aunt and the neighbouring cafe & knitting store. The murder was set up promptly and was certainly intriguing.

But it just fell flat. The supporting characters were to numerous and to similar, I struggled to tell them apart. Kelly's coffee addiction (to the extent she was described drinking coffee on a multiple-times-a-chapter basis) became annoying rather than endearing. The romantic set-up was to obvious, with Kelly taking an immediate and completely completely unfounded dislike to the hero. And ultimately, the knitting element seemed more important than the mystery. Having the craft element is fun, but you get the impression Sefton really wanted to just write a book about knitting and had to throw a mystery in to make it more acceptable as a novel. I picked this one up because of the crafty element, but by the end I wished Kelly would stop digging her hands into tubs of yarn and get on with solving the murder.

2 stars, but I'm tempted to pick up another one in the series some time. There's been 10 books so far, so it must have something going for it. I'm hoping for an improvement on the potential which is definitely there.

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