Sunday, April 28, 2013

Non-Fiction Review: A Life in Stitches

A Life in Stitches

Herron, R. (2011). A Life in Stitches. Chronicle Books

[Genre: Memoir]

A Life in Stitches was one of my picks for the 2013 TBR challenge, having been on my to-read pile for JUST over two years. I can't remember how it first came to my attention - it was certainly on my to-read pile before I even realised that Rachael Herron was a fiction author, or the author of the yarnagogo blog.

The book is a series of essays on the writer's life, with the connecting factor of her lifelong addiction to knitting. She reflects upon periods of her life through the lens of particular pieces - pieces she has knitted, or were given to her. I'm not sure it's a book that a non-crafter would enjoy quite as much, but as a crafter I felt connected to Rachael. Like her, I've had crafty pieces that have got me through a bad day, or have a particular connection to a particular time or person. Herron writes openly and honestly about those feelings and about her life in a way that I found easy to cherish. Although her life is VERY different to mine, I think there are common feelings that all those that have a love of a home craft can share. It helps that Herron's writing style is very friendly and relatable.

I particularly enjoyed her musings on what goes into a piece of knitting - that although it might not be visible in the neat stitches of an accomplished knitter, in that piece are many humps and bumps, prayers and hopes, tears and frustrations. Something that the knitter can see even years after the piece is finished. Her imagery of how knitting can help the soul was also wonderful. I loved the chapter on the amputee war veteran at her day job (as a 911 dispatcher) and his relationship with knitting.

If you're a crafter, or a blogger, this book is worth picking up. It's a short, familiar and touching read that I really enjoyed. Unfortunately, it means my to-read pile is not decreasing, because now some of her fiction works (which I believe also have a knitting twist) have gone onto it.

4 stars


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