Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Children's 7-12 Review: The ACB with Honora Lee

The ACB with Honora Lee

De Goldi, K. (2012). The ACB with Honora Lee. Longacre Press.

[Genre: Contemporary fiction]

Perry's mother and father are constantly busy and they think children should be busy too. After Thursday's music and movement class is suddenly cancelled, Perry's parents find themselves at a loss as to how to fill up her afternoon, until Perry volunteers to spend Thursday afternoons with her grandmother, Honora Lee, at the Santa Lucia nursing home. When she notices that Gran has an unconvential interest in the alphabet, Perry decides to write an alphabet book about the people of Santa Lucia.

This is one of the most delicious, touching books on the relationship between children and the elderly I have ever read. Perry's perspective as the child whose parents are to busy for her is heart breaking, but her limited understanding of her grandmothers dementia is somehow beautiful beyond compare. Through the eyes of a child we don't see the elderly in Santa Lucia as abandoned or tragic, but triumphant and fully fleshed, even though their bodies and minds have changed from 'the norm.'

The ACB with Honora Lee is also a gorgeous book to hold. Whoever designed it deserves so much recognition. The pages are luxurious to touch and those illustrations. . . I can't describe how lovely it is to watch dozy, beautifully hand drawn bees dance their way through the page margins.

It's a gorgeous one-sitting read and totally worth it. This book is one of those ones that makes me hate the label 'children's book,' because it will stop so many adults reading this beauty.

3 stars. I feel guilty only giving it that, because I can not say enough how delightful this book is. Unfortunately, despite all it's wonderful points, it just wasn't quite me. That shouldn't stop you from seeking it out though :)

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