Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Book Miscellany: Mark Reads

Book Miscellany is my intermittent feature with I share vaguely book related things from around the web. Basically, I’m indulging my bookish-webgeeky self.

I have a long relationship with the books of Tamora Pierce. They are probably the books that shaped my teenage years more than any others and I have to agree a little with Angie at Angieville when she said recently "It kind of feels like Tamora Pierce saved us all (directly or indirectly) at one point or another". So when I found out that Mark Reads is working it's way through the entirety of Tamora Pierce's work, I had to follow along. . . and found a site worth following!

On Mark Reads, Mark Oshiro makes a living out of reading cult fiction that he's never read before, encouraging newbies to read along, old fans to laugh behind his back and everyone just to have a great time with his general lack of prepardness for what is going to happen next. It works surprisingly well and I've found it fantastically entertaining not only going back through Tamora Pierce's work, but also some of his other reads (you can also join in with Mark Watches, or Mark Plays, where Oshiro works the same magic with tv shows and video games - or commision Mark to read just about anything you want).

Here's Mark reading the first chapter of Cinder, which I reviewed a while ago here on the blog.


So that's my pick of the web this week . . . go have some fun!


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